iPhone SE (2020)

Posted on Sat 04 April 2020 in Apple

To some, the new iPhone SE is just an awesome upgrade to iPhone 8.

But how does it stack up to iPhone X?

Projected Comparison

Right now, all I can speculate is that the iPhone’s CPU will upgrade from 11 to 13 bionic chip. The font/back cameras will be better than 8, but X? I’m not sure but probably not. I do know that it won't have dual cameras on the back. So, certainly the pics won’t be quite as good as 11 or definitely 12.

Update: It’s been leaked that the 2020 iPhone SE will have about the same camera as the XR. Personally, I don’t need dual cameras, which kind of makes it an upgrade from my X. But dual camera people probably won’t see this as an upgrade.

But Why Switch?

What’s it matter? Well, I got an iPhone X when my wife went to 11. We traded in my iPhone 8 to get a discount on the X. So, I’ve got a X, which I like, but I’m expecting the new iPhone SE to offer a few better features.

Will I upgrade?

I don’t know. I’m pretty compulsive but, even with that, the features need to be there and be ones that I want.

Update: Given that, for me at least, the camera is seen as an upgrade from X (which, to most, it really isn’t) plus the A13 chip, I’m going to upgrade from X to the 2nd generation iPhone SE.