Debian 10.9 speedtest-cli Workaround

Posted on Wed 14 April 2021 in Debian • Tagged with Debian 10, speedtest

What Is Wrong...

A command line version of (speedtest-cli) used to work under previous versions of Debian 10. However, when I tried it on 10.9, it is broken and gives the error:

Retrieving configuration...
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/bin/speedtest-cli", line 11 …

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Tiny iPhone SE Review

Posted on Sat 25 April 2020 in Apple • Tagged with iPhone SE

I got my new (PRODUCT)ᴿᴱᴰ iPhone SE yesterday (2020/04/24). So far, I’m very happy with it. What I like about it the most is what I loved, and missed, about my iPhone 8: the Touch ID. The fact that I don’t have to be looking …

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Should I Upgrade from iPhone X to iPhone SE (2020)?

Posted on Fri 17 April 2020 in Apple • Tagged with iPhone SE

Yesterday (2020-04-15), the cheap iPhone SE was introduced. Presale starts tomorrow (2020-04-17).

So what exactly are the differentiating features that make it better than the iPhone X?

The Tit for Tat List

The new SE is 1.1 inches smaller. The SE gets about the same battery life as the …

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